BSSC Amin Recruitment Exam- 01/05/2005 BSSC Previous Year GK/GS OneLiner in English Pdf Download

BSSC Previous Year GK/GS OneLiner in English (2005-2023); Hello friends, we are presenting for you this collection of general knowledge questions of various examinations conducted by the Bihar Staff Selection Commission, which will help you in the upcoming BSSC examinations. You can also join our Telegram channel to improve your preparation.

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BSSC Previous Year GK/GS OneLiner in English (2005-2023) Pdf Download

SET 1 BSSC Amin Recruitment Exam- 01/05/2005 BSSC Previous Year GK/GS OneLiner in English (2005-2023) Pdf Download

Diamond is tough, whereas graphite is?- Very soft.

Why are hormones useful? -For metabolic process

Which President of our country visited Siachen Glacier for the first time? -Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam

Which is called the ‘city of seven hills’?– Rome

Who had the supreme judicial authority during the Gupta period? – King

Which is known as the country with the most islands? – Indonesia

Whose alimentary canal is generally larger? -of carnivores

How much time did the Constituent Assembly take to make the Constitution? – 2 years 11 months and 18 days

Which fundamental right cannot be suspended even during an emergency under Article 352 of the Constitution? – right to life

Education, which was originally a state subject, was transferred to the Concurrent List by which amendment? -By 42nd amendment

What is the correlation between velocity, acceleration and distance covered?

What is approximately the population of our country in relation to the total population of the world? – 16%

On which date is ‘Science Day’ celebrated?- 28 February

On what basis has inflation been assessed in developed countries? – Consumer Price Index

During whose rule was ‘Amrapali’, the city-lady of Vaishali in Bihar? – Lichchavi

Who adopted the Constitution of India? – Representatives of the people of India in the Constituent Assembly

When was the Constitution of India changed to English and when did it come into existence? – On January 26, 1949/January 26, 1950

Delhi city is situated on the banks of which river? – Yamuna

What should be the minimum age of a candidate for membership in Lok Sabha? -25 years

Who has become the first Indian golfer to qualify for the USPGA tournament?- Jeev Milkha Singh

Where does the ‘Lepcha’ tribe mainly reside? –in Sikkim

To whom is the Governor of the state responsible for his actions?- To the President

How can fundamental rights be suspended?- If at the time of national emergency the President issues an order for this.

Where is Magadh University located? – In Bodh Gaya.

When can the President dismiss a cabinet member?- On the recommendation of the Prime Minister

In which article is there a provision for amendment in the Indian Constitution? – Article 368

Who played an important role in the establishment of the Indian National Congress? – Dr AO Hume

Who was most affected by the ‘Green Revolution’ in India?- Wheat crops

Panchayati Raj institutions in India mainly receive their funds from? – Government grants.

Who has the right to judicial review in India? –To the High Courts and the Supreme Court

Which was the first movement launched for the welfare of lower castes against the dominance of Brahmins? Satysodhak Samaj

Where can seeds be preserved well?- In cool and dry condition

Which of the following districts of Bihar has the minimum area? (i) Buxar (ii) Gaya (iii) Sheikhpura (iv) Saran – Sheikhpura

In what form does light behave, as a particle or as a wave? -wave

What is there in plants which is not there in animals?- Cellulose

Why does a person lean forward while climbing a mountain? – to increase durability

Which of the following gets reduced slightly in dehydration? (i) Sodium Chloride (ii) Potassium Chloride (iii) Calcium Chloride (iv) Calcium Sulphate- (i) Sodium Chloride

Who started ‘Operation Flood’ in India?- Dr. Verghese Kurien

What was given major importance in the country’s first five-year plan (1951-56 AD)? – To encourage balanced economic development by removing the imbalance caused by the Second World War and partition.

By whom was Jainism propagated in South India? – by Bhadrabahu

What is the unit of ‘temperature’ in the SI system? –Calvin

If the speed of air flowing on an aeroplane fan increases, what will be the pressure of the fan? -will be reduced

How much haemoglobin does a normal adult male have? 14 grams of haemoglobin/100 grams of blood

Which is the main killer of cow dung gas?- Methane

What are the three primary colours? –blue, green and red

According to Jain tradition, who is considered to be the penultimate Tirthankara? – Parshvanath

What should be the maximum amount of biochemical oxygen content in water? 3 mg/litre

Who can dissolve the Lok Sabha before the expiry of its term?- President on the advice of the Prime Minister

Where is the capital of Kenya? – Nairobi

When did agriculture probably start? – about 7000 BC.

At which place did Lord Mahavir die?- Pawapuri

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In which of the following contemporary Brahmanical beliefs did Buddha express full faith? (i) God, (ii) Principle of Karma, (iii) Life cycle (Varnashrama-dharma) (iv) Transformation of the soul – (iii) Life cycle (Varnashrama-dharma)

By which of the following can the Rajya Sabha be dissolved? – (i) Lok Sabha, (ii) President, (iii) Constitutional amendment, (iv) Not in any way – (iv) Not in any way (Rajya Sabha is a permanent house and It cannot be dissolved.)

A cricket player lowers his hand while catching the ball. This protects him from getting hurt. Which principle is this? -the principle of conservation of momentum

By whom has the post of Vice-President been created? -by the constitution

Who was the first Governor General of independent India?- Lord Mountbatten

Who gave the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’? – Bhagat Singh

Whose roots should Arya Samajis reach? – Harijan

Which river is the largest in the world according to its size and the amount of water that flows into the sea?- Amazon

According to which source it is said that Ashoka built the city of ‘Srinagar’? – In Kalhan’s Rajtarangini

When does white light pass through a glass prism, which colour is refracted the most? –blue colour

Mahabharata was translated from Sanskrit to the Persian language during the reign of Akbar. What is this Persian version called? –Razmnama

1 kilogram of ice at 0°C is mixed with 1 kilogram of water at 10°C. What will be the resulting temperature? less than 0

Which of the following is not a function of the Judiciary? (i) Acting as a guardian for the rights of citizens (ii) Settling disputes between the State and the Center (iii) Apprehending and punishing criminals (iv) Issuing prosecutions – (ii) Between the State and the Center settle a dispute

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The fundamental duties of a citizen include?- (i) Faith in the Constitution, the National Flag and the National Anthem (ii) Faith in the President (iii) Faith in the Government (iv) All of these – (i) Faith in the Constitution, National Anthem Respect for the flag and national anthem

In which zone of the atmosphere is the ozone layer found?- Stratosphere

Who has written the book titled ‘Plain Speaking’?- N Chandrababu Naidu

What was the population of Bihar according to the 2001 census? – 8,28,78,796 (According to the currently released Bihar caste-based census 2022, it is 13,07,25,310)

What is the amount of blood in an adult’s body? 4-5 liters

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