SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 GK Question Set 5 (02/12/2022 Shift 1)

SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 GK Question Set 5 (02/12/2022 Shift 1)

SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 GK Question Set 5
SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 GK Question Set 5

1.     The Comptroller and Auditor General of India is a:

a.     two-member body

b.     three-member body

c.     single-member body

d.     six-member body

2.     Which of the following led English company in Battle of Plassey (1757)?

a.     Lord Dalhousie

b.     Captain Hodson

c.      Warren Hastings

d.    Robert Clive

3.     As the river enters the plain it twists and turns forming large bends known as ______.

a.     ox-bow

b.     levees

c.      floodplains

d.    meanders

4.     What does the letter ‘M’ stand for in the MRTP Act 1969?

a.     Monopolistic

b.    Monopolies

c.      Multi

d.     Monopoly

5.     Harihara and Bukka established an independent state in Karnataka and established the capital city Vijayanagar on the banks of river _____________ in 1336.

a.     Betwa

b.    Tungabhadra

c.      Mahanadi

d.     Tapi

6.     Identify the correct chemical formula of chloroform.

a.     CHCl3

b.     CHCl

c.      CHCl2

d.     CH2Cl2

7.     Match the industrial plants with its locations


Industrial Plants



A. Burnpur


B. Chennai

3. NFL

C. Korba

4. ICF

D. Bhatinda


a.     1-A,2-B,3-C,4-D

b.     1-C,2-A,3-B,4-D

c.     1-C,2-A,3-D,4-B

d.     1-D,2-A,3-B,4-C


8.     How much percentage of oxygen is present in the atmosphere?

a.     39%

b.     79%

c.      10%

d.    21%

9.     In which season is Sarhul celebrated in Jharkhand?

a.     Spring

b.     Autumn

c.      Monsoon

d.     Winter

10.  What is the average thickness of the continental crust of Earth?

a.     300 km

b.     5 km

c.     30 km

d.     2.5 km

11.  Which of the following events was conducted by the Ministry of Ayush, GoI to mark the 100-day countdown to the International Day of Yoga 2022?

a.     Yoga Mahotsav

b.     Yoga Utsav

c.      Yoga Sutra

d.     Yoga Umang

12.  Who moved the Objective Resolution that was later adapted as the Preamble of the Constitution of India?

a.     Rajendra Prasad

b.     JB Kripalani

c.     Jawaharlal Nehru

d.     BR Ambedkar

13.  Which of the following pairs of musicians and their instruments is INCORRECT?

a.     K Vaidyanathan – Sitar

b.     Pt. Ram Narayan – Sarangi

c.      Ustad Vilayat Khan – Sitar

d.     Bismillah Khan – Shehnai

14.  Which of the following becomes the first district in India to cover 100% of households under the ABPMJAY- SEHAT scheme?

a.     Samba, Jammu and Kashmir

b.     Pratapgarh, Rajasthan

c.      Kheda, Gujarat

d.     Mansa, Punjab

15.  In India census is held regularly every ______ year.

a.     8th

b.     10th

c.      12th

d.     5th

16.  Who among the following launched the Scheme “SHRESHTA” for residential education for students in High school in Targeted Areas?

a.     Virendra Kumar

b.     Piyush Goel

c.      Vijay Goel

d.     P P Chaudhary

17.  Which of the following dance forms is associated with the state of Arunachal Pradesh?

a.     Panwariya

b.     Dhaman

c.      Buiya

d.     Garba

18.  The Commonwealth Games 2018 were held at which of the following places?

a.     Gold coast

b.     Edinburgh

c.      Victoria

d.     Kuala Lumpur

19.  Identify the organism that is NOT a pseudocoelomate.

a.     Ancylostoma

b.     Ascaris

c.      Wuchereria

d.     Scorpions

20.  Plan revenue expenditure relates to _______.

I. Five-year plans

II. Salaries and pensions

a.     Only I

b.     Neither I nor II

c.      Both I and II

d.     Only II

21.  The word Manuscripts derived from which of the following language?

a.     Latin

b.     Prakrit

c.      Sanskrit

d.     Greek

22.  The Appropriation Bill, 2022 was passed in Lok Sabha on ________.

a.     March 24, 2022

b.     February 20, 2022

c.      April 20, 2022

d.     May 10, 2022

23.  What kind of forces arise from transient dipoles in atoms that induce transient dipoles in nearby atoms, produce an attractive force and are significant only over short distances (~500 pm)?

a.     Dipole-dipole forces

b.     London dispersion forces

c.      Dipole-induced dipole forces

d.     Hydrogen bond

24.  Which of the following combinations of ‘Ruler – Predecessor’ is correct with respect to the Delhi Sultanate?

a.     Alaudddin Khalji – Jalaluddin Khalji

b.     Jalaluddin Khalji – Alauddin Khalji

c.      Muhammad Tughluq – Firuz Shah Tughluq

d.     Ghiyasuddin Tughluq – Muhammad Tughluq

25.  For how many days is the Hornbill festival held?

a.     5

b.     10

c.      15

d.     20


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