SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 GK Questions SET 4 (01/12/2022 Shift 4)

SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 GK Questions SET 4 (01/12/2022 Shift 4)

SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 Previous Year Question

1.     The Asian Games 2018 were held in which of the following countries?

a.     South Korea

b.    Indonesia

c.      Japan

d.     China

2.     When is Raksha Bandhan celebrated in India as per the Hindu calendar?

a.     Amavasya, Shravan month

b.     Poornima, Ashadha month

c.      Amavasya, Ashadha month

d.    Poornima, Shravan month

3.     Protection of life and liberty is included under which Article of the Constitution of India?

a.     Article 21

b.     Article 23

c.      Article 24

d.     Article 20

4.     Which of the following is NOT the correct match?

a.     The acid present in tomato – Formic acid

b.     The acid present in orange – citric acid

c.      The acid present in grapes – Tartaric acid

d.     The acid present in rancid butter – Butyric acid

5.     The percentage of earth’s water found in the oceans is ______.

a.     94 percent

b.    97.2 percent

c.      90.2 percent

d.     92.2 percent

6.     Decadal growth rate of population between 2001-2011 is ______.

a.     18.70 percent

b.     15.70 percent

c.     17.70 percent

d.     16.70 percent

7.     The Paramhans Mandali was founded in 1840 at ___________ to work for the abolition of caste.

a.     Delhi

b.     Calcutta

c.     Bombay

d.     Madras

8.     Who was the Mughal emperor, when a massive rebellion against British rule broke out in 1857?

a.     Farrukhsiyar

b.    Bahadur Shah Zafar

c.      Akbar II

d.     Aurangzeb

9.     The motion of ______ body is an example of uniformly accelerated motion.

a.     resting

b.     Decelerating

c.      parabolic

d.    freely falling

10.  Gross primary deficit is the difference between ______.

a.     revenue deficit and interest receipts

b.     gross fiscal deficit and interet receipts

c.      revenue deficit and interest paymets

d.    gross fiscal deficit and net interest liabilities

11.  Which of the following folk dances does NOT belong to the state of Madhya Pradesh?

a.     Laho

b.     Phulpati

c.      Matki

d.     Jawara

12.  Which of the following venues was decided to host the 2022 Asian Games?

a.     Hangzhou, China

b.     Guangzhou, China

c.      Incheon, South Korea

d.     Jakarta, Indonesia

13.  The Revolutionary Socialist Party was established in ____.

a.     1936

b.     1925

c.     1940

d.     1929

14.  Singers Sujatha and Ananthu have been awarded the Kalaimamani Award for the year____________ by the Tamil Nadu Government.

a.     2022

b.     2019

c.     2021

d.     2020

15.  Which of the following element is more reactive than copper?

a.     Gold

b.    Zinc

c.      Silver

d.     Platinum

16.  The New Delhi International Arbitration Centre (Amendment) Bill, 2022 was introduced in Lok Sabha on _________.

a.     June 8, 2022

b.     October 7, 2022

c.      September 6, 2022

d.    August 5, 2022

17.  Who has been named as the next chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Board of India in March 2022?

a.     Debasish Panda

b.    Madhabi Puri Buch

c.      T. Raja Kumar

d.     Ashwani Bhatia

18.  Mangubhai Chhaganbhai Patel was appointed as the Governor of ____________ in July 2021.

a.     Madhya Pradesh

b.     Himachal Pradesh

c.      Uttar Pradesh

d.     Arunachal Pradesh

19.  How much purse money was given to a Sangeet Natak Akademi fellow in 2019?

a.     Rs. 4 lakh

b.    Rs. 3 lakh

c.      Rs. 2 lakh

d.     Rs. 1 lakh

20.  Which of the following animals have a single opening in their digestive system that serves both as a mouth and an anus?

a.     Arachnids

b.     Echinoderms

c.     Platyhelminthes

d.     Arthropods

21.  Which of the following city of India was a coastal settlement where ships unloaded goods from distant lands between 2200 and 1900 years ago?

a.     Karaikal

b.     Veerampattinam

c.      Yanam

d.    Arikamedu

22.  Which of the following is soda lime?

a.     Ca(OH)2+CaO

b.     KOH+CaO

c.      CaCl2+CaO

d.    NaOH+CaO

23.  The Centre introduced a new bill called the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022. This Bill will repeal the Identification of Prisoners Act which was established in _______.

a.     1930

b.     1950

c.      1945

d.    1920

24.  Where was the first Jute factory in India established?

a.     Cuttack, Odisha

b.     Ongle, Andhra Pradesh

c.     Risha, West Bengal

d.     Raigrh, Chhattisgarh

25.  In hich of the following states was ‘Kudumbashree,’ women-oriented, community–based, poverty-reduction programme implemented?

a.     Maharashtra

b.    Kerala

c.      Bihar

d.     Uttar Pradesh


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