SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 GK Questions SET 2 (01/12/2022 Shift 2)​

SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 GK Questions SET 2 (01/12/2022 Shift 2)​

SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 GK Questions SET 2 (01/12/2022 Shift 2)​
SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 GK Questions SET 2 (01/12/2022 Shift 2)​

1.   Which of the following statements about the cell cycle is FALSE?

a.    Preparation of mitosis takes place in G2 phase.

b.   In S phase, replication of DNA takes place.

c.    In G1 phase, the cell grows physically larger and copies organelles.

d.  In M phase, the cell grows physically

larger and copies organelles.

2.   Which of the following cities hosted the 2019 Military World Games organised by the International Military Sports Council?

a.   Wuhan, China

b.   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

c.    Bogota, Colombia

d.   Mungyeong, South Korea

3.   The Vice President of India is elected for a period of ______ years.

a.    6

b.   2

c.   5

d.   3

4.   The common name of the compound CaOCl2 is ___________.

a.    washing soda

b.   baking soda

c.   bleaching powder

d.   gypsum

5.   Which of the following folk dance forms does NOT belong to the state of Gujarat?

a.    Garba

b.   Dandiya Raas

c.   Bidesiya

d.   Vinchhudo

6.   Thorny bushes are found in ______ region.

a.   dry desert

b.   mediterranean

c.    polar

d.   high rainfall

7.   The Tamil word ‘muvendar’ mentioned in the Sangam poems means _______.

a.    dhamma mahamatta

b.  three chiefs

c.    Headmen

d.   Rich

8.   Which of the given sectors is largely driven by considerations of social welfare?

a.    Foreign

b.   Co-operative

c.    Private

d.  Public

9.   Who has taken oath as Bihar Chief Minister for 8th time?

a.    Tejaswi Prasad Yadav

b.  Nitish Kumar

c.    Pramod Sawant

d.   Anugrah Narayan

10.                 ‘Mission Kushal Karmi’ was launched to upgrade the skills of construction workers. This programme was launched by the government of _______.

a.    Gujarat

b.   Haryana

c.   Delhi

d.   Punjab

11.                 The first edition of the Youth Olympic Games was held at _______.

a.    Lausanne

b.   Nanjing

c.   Singapore

d.   Innsbruck

12.                 Which of the following festivals is celebrated in the month of August–September?

a.    Makar Sankranti

b.  Onam

c.    Kite Festival

d.   Bikaner Festival

13.                 The Hindu college was established in 1791 at ______.

a.    Calcutta

b.   Dacca

c.    Surat

d.  Banaras

14.                 Shyamji Krishna Varma established India House at _________ in 1905.

a.    New York

b.  London

c.    Bombay

d.   Paris

15.                 Identify an example of organisms that are free-swimming and bottom-dwelling forms.

a.    Phytoplankton

b.  Zooplankton

c.    Fungi

d.   Jellyfishes

16.                 Choose the correct pair from the following options.

a.    Third Five-year Plan – Rapid industrialisation and basic industries

b.   First Five-year Plan – Mahalanobis model

c.    Second Five-year Plan – Focus on agriculture

d.  Fourth Five-year Plan – Family planning programme

17.                 Abdul Karim Khan was the exponent of which school of Hindustani Music?

a.   Kirana Gharana

b.   Jaipur Gharana

c.    Gwalior Gharana

d.   Delhi Gharana

18.                 ‘Indira Gandhi Shehri Rozgar Guarantee Yojana 2022’ has been implemented by which state government?

a.    Himachal Pradesh

b.   Maharashtra

c.   Rajasthan

d.   Uttar Pradesh

19.                 What are the three parts of bacterial flagellum?

a.   Filament, hook and basal body

b.   Head, tail and lower body

c.    Filament, tail and hook

d.   Basal body, tail and filament

20.                 Which of the following is highest quality coal?

a.   Anthracite

b.   Lignite

c.    Bituminous

d.   Peat

21.                 Which of the following are Rabi crops only?

a.    Maize and peas

b.  Barley and gram

c.    Paddy and cotton

d.   Wheat and jowar

22.                 In which of the following languages did Jyotiba Phule write ‘Gulamgiri’ in 1873?

a.    English

b.   Hindi

c.   Marathi

d.   Gujarati

23.                 Fundamental Duties were added in the Constitution of India under the leadership of which Prime Minister of India?

a.    Narsimha Rao

b.   Charan Singh

c.    Lal Bahadur Shastri

d.  Indira Gandhi

24.                 The SI unit of acceleration is ______.

a.    m/s




25.                 Who among the following classical dancers was rewarded with the Padma Vibhushan Award in 2003?

a.   Sonal Mansingh

b.   Kumudini Lakhia

c.    Shovana Narayan

d.   Sunayana Hazarilal


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