President Draupadi Murmu Receives Suriname’s Highest Civilian Honor ‘Grand Order of the Chain of the Yellow Star’.

In a remarkable recognition of her contributions and diplomatic endeavours, President Draupadi Murmu has been conferred with Suriname’s highest civilian honour, the ‘Grand Order of the Chain of the Yellow Star’. This prestigious award highlights President Murmu’s exceptional leadership and her significant role in fostering bilateral relations between India and Suriname.

The ‘Grand Order of the Chain of the Yellow Star’ serves as a testament to President Murmu’s dedication and commitment to strengthening ties with Suriname. Her efforts have resulted in fruitful collaborations in various sectors, including trade, culture, and people-to-people exchanges. This recognition further reinforces the friendship and partnership between the two nations.

President Murmu’s achievement reflects not only her personal accomplishments but also the growing stature of India on the global stage. It symbolizes the respect and admiration Suriname has for India and its leadership. This prestigious honour is a testament to the diplomatic skills and statesmanship exhibited by President Murmu in advancing the interests of both countries.

By receiving this distinguished award, President Murmu has not only brought honour to herself but has also elevated India’s reputation in the international community. Her remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration and a testament to the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between India and Suriname.

As President Murmu continues to strengthen India’s diplomatic ties, this recognition will undoubtedly pave the way for enhanced collaboration and mutual understanding between the two nations in the years to come.

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