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Bihar SI Answer Key 2023 english Overview

Question Asked in Bihar SI Answer Key 2023 in english Overview
Topic/Subject Shift 1 Shift 1
Hindi Language 2 Questions  
English Language 2 Questions  
Maths 6 Questions  
Current Affairs 9 Questions  
Physics 7 Questions  
Chemistry 6 Questions  
Biology 6 Questions  
Polity 12 Questions  
History 12 Questions  
Geography 11 Questions  
Economics 14 Questions  
Static Gk 9 Questions  
Bihar Special 4 Questions  

Bihar SI Answer Key 2023 in Hindi Download

Shift 1 Bihar SI Answer Key 2023 in english

  1. बाणों को रखने का साधन वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द है? – तूणीर
  2. किस समूह में सही अर्थ प्रकट करने वाले शब्द युग्म है? – शर-बाण, सर-तालाब
  3. Change the Following sentences into passicve voices I eat a banana everyday A banana is eaten by me everyday
  4. Change the following sentences into indirect specch. He said to me,”My cousin has drawn this picture.” He told me that his cousin had drawn that picture.
  5. Ram and Shyam invested in a business. The profit was divided in the ratio of 2:3. If Ram invested ₹40000 then the amount invested by Shyam was?- ₹60000
  6. What will be the difference between simple interest and compound interest on ₹1000 at 10% per annum for 4 years? ₹64.10
  7. What will be the curved surface area of a right circular cylinder of radius ‘a’ and height ‘b’?
  8. If 20% of 20% of A is 20, then what will be the value of A? 500
  9. What will be the sum of infinite terms of the series 12+22x+32x2+42x3…………………….(x<1)?
  10. In an examination, a student is given 4 marks for each correct answer and 2 marks are deducted for each wrong answer. If a student has answered all 75 Qns and has scored a total of 150 marks, then how many marks has the student scored? Were the Qns answered correctly? 50
  11. ‘Operation Garuda’ has been recently launched by which organization? CBI
  12. In which city was ‘Moto GP Bharat Race 2023’ held? Greater Noida
  13. Which Indian chess player defeated Magnus Carlsen in Norway Chess Blitz Tournament? D Gukesh
  14. Where was the 5th ASEAN India Business Summit held? Kuala Lumpur
  15. Which Union Ministry has launched eSARAS mobile app? Ministry of Rural Development
  • Who launched Swavalamban 2.0? Navy
  • What is the name of the first woman officer to be posted at Kumar Post, Siachen? Captain Shiva Chauhan
  • Who launched the electric scooter ‘VIDA’? Hero MotoCorp
  • Which operating system is the Indian Defense Ministry going to replace the Microsoft operating system with? Maya
  • Why is it advantage of using a parabolic mirror in place of a convex lens in a telescope? Choose the most correct answer? (i) Parabolic mirror does not have color related abnormalities compared to a convex lens, (ii) Parabolic mirror does not have color related abnormalities and spherical aberration compared to a convex lens and the mirror is lighter than a convex lens, (iii) Parabolic mirror does not have spherical aberration as compared to convex lens, (iv) Parabolic mirror is lighter than convex lens.- II and III
  • In what form the sound waves travel in air? only as continuous waves
  • How is the ratio of displacement to distance always? is less than or equal to one
  • Which of the following quantities remains constant in uniform circular motion? speed
  • The projection in which the directions of all the points from the center are shown accurately is called which projection? Azimuthal
  • In what is the speed of sound the fastest? in steel
  • The curvature of the eye lens can be changed by what? Ciliary muscle
  • Which of the following is the element with lowest electronegativity? Cs
  • Bronze metal is a mixture of what? Cu + Sn
  • By which process does alum clean dirty water? Coagulation
  • Which of the following is a method of separating immiscible liquids? using a separate funnel
  • In very cold weather, Sn turns into powder due to which of the following reasons? Due to transformation of white Sn into gray Sn, which is amorphous
  • What does copper liberate when heated with concentrated H2SO4? SO2
  • When water enters the guard cells, they swell and what becomes of the stoma hole? open
  • What is called an emergency hormone? Adrenaline
  • Which of the following is undigested sugar? sucrose
  • Which of the following is a disease caused by protozoa? Kala azar
  • By what means is the fat absorbed after digestion in the intestine? through lymph
  • Which of the following are bacterial diseases? (i) Leprosy, tetanus (ii) Cholera, meningitis (iii) Polio, typhoid (iv) Pneumonia, rabies,- I and II
  • Balwant Rai Mehta Committee is related to Panchayati Raj
  • Who among the following does not participate in the impeachment process of the President? III and IV
  • In which article of the Indian Constitution are the functions and powers of the Chief Minister mentioned? Article 167
  • What is the maximum number of members of the State Assembly? 500
  • The Union Council of Ministers collectively responsible to? to the Lok Sabha
  • The Union Executive does not comprise of? Comptroller and Auditor General of India
  • By which constitutional amendment was the Preamble of the Indian Constitution amended? by 42nd constitutional amendment
  • Which statement is correct about the members of the Scheduled Area Committee? nominated by the Municipal Corporation
  • How many members does the President nominate to the Rajya Sabha? 12
  • Under which Article Article 19 is suspended during national emergency? 358
  • What was the name of the committee constituted by the Government of India to examine various aspects of self-governance of tribes? Bhuria Committee
  • Which part of the Indian Constitution was removed by the 7th Constitutional Amendment 1956? Part 7
  • Which city was the first cpital of the ancient state of Magadha? Rajgir
  • Who was the author of Prayag Prashasti?  Harisen
  • Arrange the chronology of the following saints, (i) Chaitanya (ii) Ramanujacharya (iii) Tulsidas (iv) Namdev-II, IV, I, III
  • Between whom was the Treaty of Alinagar signed? British and Siraj-ud-Daula
  • Mangal Pandey belonged to which Native Infantry? 34 N.I
  • When was the Mughal-Mewar treaty? 1616
  • Russia separated from World War I by treaty? Treaty of Brest Litovsk
  • Who among the following first started individual Satyagraha in 1940? Mahatma Gandhi
  • When did Vasco da Gama come to India? 1498 AD
  • Who founded the newspaper Al Hilal? Abdul Kalam Azad
  • Kaushambi was the capital of which Mahajanapada? Vats
  • Who among the following was a proponent of Temporary Settlement in Bengal? Sir John Shore
  • What is Bailadila Khan famous for? Iron ore
  • What is Krudremukh prevalent in the Western Ghats?  Mountain Peak
  • Which is the only floating national park of India Keibul Lamjao
  • Which of the following two leaders announced the formation of the National Assembly in France? Mirabeau and Abesse
  • What are the new alluvial deposits of the Ganga plains called? Khadar
  • You can go from India to Tibet without crossing which of the following international borders? India Myanmar border
  • Where is India’s first National Center for Marine Biodiversity located? Jamnagar
  • Kangra miniature paintings are made in which state? Himachal Pradesh
  • ‘Lower Ganga plains’ provide ideal conditions for which crop? Jute  
  • Which of the following states is the largest in terms of area? Rajasthan
  • Accra is the capital of which country?  Ghana
  • Which of the following are sources of secondary data? (i) Government Report (ii) Newspaper (iii) Book (iv) Website – All I, II, III and IV
  • Human Development Index is published by whom? by UNDP
  • What is the growing of different crops in a field according to a sequential planning program called? crop rotation
  • Which of the following institutions is not regulated by RBI- equipment and investment firm
  • Under which consumer right is information displayed on the packaging by the manufacturer of goods and services? right to Information
  • Arrange the following preventive detention acts in chronological order, (i) Security Act (ii) Internal Security Act (iii) Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Prevention of Illicit Trafficking Act (iv) Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act –II, IV, I, III
  • Romoving barriers or restrictions imposed by the government called? liberalization
  • What is national income equal to? NNPMP
  • According to the law of supply, what is the relationship between the price of a commodity and its quantity supplied? positive
  • Raw materials are included in which capital? in working capital
  • What is the main function of commercial banks? Accepting Deposits and Making Loans
  • What was the main and immediate reason for adopting economic reforms in India in 1991? balance of payments crisis
  • If the marginal propensity to consume is 0.8, what will be the mind of the multiplier? 5
  • When was Antyodaya Anna Yojana implemented? 2000
  • Bharat Ratna winner Bhupen Hazarika belongs to which field? Art
  • ‘Rupiah’ is the currency of which country? Indonesia
  •  Project 75-I is releted to ? submarine
  • When is World Earth Day celebrated? 22 April
  • Who composed Playing it my ways? Sachin Tendulkar
  • Rudraksh Patil is related to which sport? Shooting
  • Who was the author of the work ‘The Spirit of the Laws’? Montesquieu
  • In which Union Territory of India the sex ratio was minimum in the year 2011? Daman and Diu
  • Which state or union territory of India has the third highest literacy rate in Census 2011? Mizoram
  • Which of the following districts is not a part of the North Western Alluvial Plains? Purnia
  • What was the growth rate of net state domestic product in Bihar in 2019-20 at prevailing prices (2011-12)? 13.5 %
  • What is the area of Bihar state? 94,163 km2
  • In which city of Bihar Kosi river meets Ganga river? Kursaila

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